Donald Mackenzie: 1818 - 1875


'Lord' Donald Mackenzie 22/06/1818 - 19/05/1875

In 1843 he married Janet Alice Mitchell and together they had twelve children. Below find his portrait, exhibited in 1862 at the RSA exhibition, painted with the rest of his family c. 1860 and a photograph (Courtesy of Brian Mackenzie) of him in his legal robes.

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He was a very successful lawyer and became a Senator of the College of Justice of which details are shown below. His title 'Lord' is only a courtesy title.


The Court of Session presently consists of 34 Judges who are designated "Senators of the College of Justice" or "Lords of Council and Session". Each judge takes the courtesy title of "Lord" or "Lady" followed by their surname or a territorial title. The court is headed by the Lord President, the second in rank being the Lord Justice Clerk.

The Court was instituted in 1532 as the Supreme Court for civil cases in Scotland and included the Lord President and fourteen Lords Ordinary, styled "Senators of the College of Justice". The Act of Union of 1707 safeguarded it in "all time coming". The Judges sat and deliberated together in the Inner House, whereas individual Judges sat in the Outer House, in some instances determining cases but in others preparing the case for judgement of the whole court in the Inner House.

In 1808 the Court was split into a First Division and a Second Division chaired by the Lord President and Lord Justice Clerk respectively. Thereafter a number of the most junior Judges became "permanent" Lords Ordinary sitting in the Outer House to determine cases at first instance, subject to appeal to the Inner House.

He was also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Here is a copy of his registration:


I have visited the street to try and find the house 'Maulside' where he died but all the Victorian houses have gone alas. Interestingly 'Maulside' was the name of the place where he was married and where his father-in-law was born.